Ryan Warsaw

Ryan Warsaw

Software Engineer

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My Internship at Mozilla Foundation

For the past four months, I’ve been an intern at Mozilla Foundation. I started on September 6th, 2016 and finished my internship on January 6th, 2017. As an intern, I was tasked to work on an Android app called “Jisort!”.

Jisort! is a software prototype for the Digital Skills Observatory (DSO), a project at Mozilla Foundation that studies the impact of digital skills on people, smartphones, and digital financial services in developing countries.

The app was used by the DSO project to help teach first-time smartphone users various digital skills, including how-to use their phones. My goals were to modernize the code base, resolve existing issues, engage new contributors and apply Mozilla’s Open Leadership Training Series (OLTS) lessons.

I’m proud to say that I accomplished all of this and more! Over the course of my internship I closed dozens of issues, fixed many bugs, met awesome people from all over the world, and traveled to London for Mozilla Festival 2016.

At Mozilla Festival, I met a lot of awesome people. Including the DSO team, my manager, and volunteers. I even met some old friends, and some new ones too!

I also volunteered throughout the festival, helping at the sign-in desk, managing the OLTS table and more. Overall it was an incredible weekend and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the event.

In conclusion, it’s been an incredible past four months. I’ve learned and grown so much, and met so many incredible people. Being an intern has taught me invaluable skills in both work and life, and given me new-found confidence in myself. I’ve never been so excited to see what the future may bring.

Closing Notes

I would like to thank those involved for the opportunity to intern at Mozilla and also those who provided me with support and help along the way.

Those folks include my manager (Abby Cabunoc Mayes), Simon Wex, Bobby Richter, and the Mozilla DSO, Production, and DevOps teams. You guys rock!